Is Russia rooting for Texas to secede?

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Is Red Square really interested in this red state? According to Politico Magazine, Vladimir Putin's party is preoccupied with Texas politics. Namely, with the Lone Star State's secessionist movement. And why would the Russkies root for a new Texas Republic? Because a destabilized west would be a windfall for right-wing Russians, who generally blame the US for many of their problems.

The article goes on to say that during a recent conference held in St. Petersburg, a man claiming to be from the Texas Nationalist Movement gave an interview about how many Texans want to break away from the Untied States. The Kremlin got their hands on it, and quickly tweeted about a "Free Texas".

Taking a little jab at the US is one thing, but is Putin really plotting to get Texas to secede? While there are groups who talk about the Lone Star State one day being a lone star again, most people we spoke with said they were not going anywhere. Sorry Putin, you're going to have to put up with the "United" States of America, for a lot longer.

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