Man jumps on back of swimming moose

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Our story opens up in British Columbia, somewhere around the Tuchodi Lakes, where, in the winter, it’s “too codey” to go skinny dipping.

Tuchodi Lakes attract your usual Canadian yahoo and the occasional swimming moose.

And no Canadian yahoo on earth can pass up a chance to jump a moose, even one taking a shortcut to the other side of the lake.

Someone on the boat shared this “moose and squirrely guys” video on YouTube (but it’s not there anymore).

A hunter saw it and quickly notified the local conservation officers who immediately set out to find the moose’s bareback rider.

“It's an offense under the wildlife act, the harassing the moose,” said conservation officer Peter Pauwels. “There's no question that what they're doing is illegal under the wildlife act. And it's cruel to the animal. The animal's obviously stressed out.”

The moose ride could cost the guy and his pals $100,000 in fines. Something similar happened in Ontario. Authorities took the boat until those offenders paid a $2,500 fine.

Will authorities catch the moose riders before they ride again?

Tune in next time for “Of Moose and Men,” or “Let loose that moose.”

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