Tokyo 2020: baseball, surfing and bowling may be included as Olympic sports

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - You know what's big in Japan?  Sumo, sushi, crazy TV shows, sexy cartoons, robots, pretty gardens, harakiri… and baseball.    In fact, baseball is one of the eight sports Japan wants to see included in the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo.  Together with softball, squash, karate, surfing, bowling, roller sports and sport climbing.

The International Olympic Committee will decide on the issue in August, 2016.  Too bad Japan did not consult us, because we had some super exciting suggestions from some Houston residents we spoke to.

"I think they may need to add a beer pong on as another sport," said Houston resident Raegan Baxter.

"I think that there may be a huge audience for underwater basketball, underwater hockey or underwater golf," added Jordan Connelly.

"I would like to see people playing catch while skydiving, and zip lines in cities," expressed Opal Jha.

"They'd include a professional beer drinking competition in the Olympics if they want a good sport," requested  Mike Eisner.

You see, professional athletes should learn a thing or two from the real people.  We do our stuff day in and day out, with discipline and perspiration, and nobody sings an anthem to our effort.  Seriously, we deserve a gold medal… or bronze.  How do you say that in Japanese?

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