Suspect drives drunk to police station to turn himself in for DUI

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HOPKINSVILLE, TN - Say you've enjoyed a few drinks at the local bar and then it's time to go home. Common sense would tell you to call a friend, take a cab or walk. But common sense just doesn't seem to be all that common, especially not for Christopher Stewart.

The 26-year-old, who has three alcohol-related arrests in just the past 10 months, decided to turn himself into the police in style. After getting drunk at a Hopkinsville, Tennessee bar, Stewart drove himself to the small-town station. As he pulled up, he nearly hit a police cruiser, then walked up to officers and told them he needed to go to jail for DUI. Police say he also tried to drink a bottle of fuel injector cleaning fluid before they stopped him.

No surprise, Stewart was charged with driving under the influence. His ill-fated drive is what earned him the spot as today's Dumbass of the Day.

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