UH grad satisfying your sweet tooth 24/7 at Glazed

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HOUSTON, TX-- What do you do after graduating from U of H with an MBA in global management? If you're Edose Ohen, you get a job with your dad's engineering firm and then you go for donuts.

No, seriously. Last year, he opened Glazed, the first 24-hour gourmet donut shop in Houston, right near the Medical Center on OST.

"We like to do traditional things and put a twist on it," he says, "stuff like the S'mores donut, the creme brulee, the donut burger (and) the donut chicken sandwich."

The idea for the round-the-clock shop came from a simple, sweet craving Ohen found himself having after most donut shops had already closed. "I would go to like HEB or I'll go to like a Kroger," he explains. "I still wanted that sweet taste, so I was like, 'You know what? If I'm craving a donut at night, I'm sure other people are.' So we figured a 24-hour model would work here."

In just 11 months, the 24/7 operation has gained many fans by word of mouth and online through Facebook and Instagram. "I think social media is the number one driving point for our success ," Ohen says. "It's crazy to see that we can take our product and give it to the world without actually giving it to the world."

Richard Odior, one of Ohen's partners in Glazed, says the ever-changing menu keeps the place interesting, "We try to create your dreams and passions into a donut, in a sense. Or take your childhood, whatever it is that you love, we try to embody that in a donut."

That spirit has seen the creation of their best seller, the Macon, a maple glazed donut topped with bacon crumbles. They also offer an array of donuts topped with classic cereals like Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and Froot Loops. "You eat cereal in the morning and you eat donuts in the morning, but when you put them together, it's like this heavenly combination," Ohen says with his wide Cheshire cat grin and obvious passion.

It's almost as much passion as Glazed customer Kendall Babin shows for their donut breakfast sandwich, "I come whenever I get any spare time and get that sausage, egg and cheese. It's amazing! I'm telling you!"

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