Houston-area religious leaders differ on Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling

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HOUSTON, TX - Members of the Houston Area Pastors Council came out strongly against the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize same-sex marriage.

"The alarm has sounded," Pastor Hernan Castano said. "The giant has been awakened. The Church will rise up, and the voice will be heard. The truth will still be standing. This lie of the Supreme Court will not be standing."

While some members of the clergy are disappointed in the ruling, others are celebrating. Troy Treash is the Senior Pastor at Resurrection Metropolitan Church. He says the court's decision is a dream come true to many of his congregants.

"Love wins. We've been waiting for this day for so long. Some of us couldn't have even imagined it was going to happen, and here it is. It is just so exciting that our folks don't have to go to another state. They can come to this, their church home where they worship on Sunday mornings and have their wedding right here and have that wedding be legal," Treash said.

Treash says the congregation plans to have a large wedding for multiple couples in the coming weeks.

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