Ohio dad arrested after allegedly scaring bullies with gun on school playground

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH - Parents will go to extreme measures to protect their children, but was one Ohio father's actions a bit extreme?

He was arrested for allegedly using a gun as a scare tactic on some kids at a school playground in Cleveland Heights.

"If it happened once, it could definitely happen again," concerned parent Tanetha Johnson said.

Cleveland Heights Police say 48-year-old John Lee, Jr. went to the Noble Elementary School playground to have a few words with some kids he believed were bullying his children.

Witnesses say Lee pulled up his shirt, revealing the firearm in his pants.

There's nothing like the love of a father, right? Thankfully, the gun didn't do any talking; cops say it wasn't loaded.

Now some parents who live in the area are left uneasy about letting their kids play there.

When Cleveland Heights Police showed up at the playground, Lee was still there, where cops snatched him and put him in time out.

Though Lee pleaded not guilty and made bail on a $10,000 bond, he's facing felony charges including possession of a weapon on school grounds, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Bullying should never be tolerated, by child or parent, and if a court finds Lee guilty, he could be in detention for a quite a while.

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