Terrorists kill more than 53 people in attacks in three countries

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L'ISLE-D'ABEAU, FRANCE – Multiple terror attacks on the far side of globe hit in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia.

The French attack occurred at an American-owned gas plant near Lyon.

One man beheaded with his head pinned to a fence. Two others wounded.

Authorities say a delivery man they once had under surveillance for having suspected ties with terrorists, cut off the head of his employer before setting off a bomb.

Police arrested him. They say he apparently has no connection to ISIS.

Police stopped tracking him in 2008, but they haven’t said why.

ISIS is taking responsibility for the bombing of a Shiite mosque in Kuwait City that killed 25 worshippers and wounded about 200 during Friday prayers.

Cell phone video posted on a social media site shows people walking and stumbling through the dust and rubble, many with blood on their clothes.

But it was at a beach resort hotel in Tunisia that terrorists killed the most people on this day.

Authorities say at least 37 people died, with another 36 wounded in the attack.

Police captured one terrorist. Another died, and the third got away.

One woman staying about a mile from the scene of the attack said people in her hotel were putting up mattresses against the doors of the rooms, hoping to slow any gunmen that might try to break in.

The attacks came on the tenth day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, which apparently for some does not include giving up murder and terror.

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