Iowa issues permits to carry guns in public to blind people

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DES MOINES, IA -- Talk about a shot in the dark.

Iowa is issuing permits to let folks who are legally or completely blind carry guns in public. Needless to say, this gets a lot of people fired up.

On one side, there’s the argument that the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits different treatment. On the other side is the fear that this could be legitimately dangerous.

Private gun ownership by visually impaired Iowans reportedly isn't anything new, but being allowed to carry them in public has come up since a new law took effect a few years back. It is somewhat unique, seeing as many other states have direct or indirect seeing requirements. For example in Nebraska, you need to show proof of vision by presenting a driver's license or word from an eye doctor, and in Missouri folks have got to take a live fire test.

Iowa apparently does makes applicants take a training, but it can be completed online.