Space-X rocket launch to International Space Station fails

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CAPE CANAVERAL, FL - Sunday, moments after NASA unleashed the Space-X "Dragon" rocket in Cape Canaveral, it was on its way back to the ground in millions of pieces after exploding.

Reportedly, the unmanned spacecraft stopped transmitting data about two minutes into the launch, but there's no confirmation on what actually caused the malfunction.

"It's important for all of us to realize that through these failures, and through these events, we can learn more and we can come back stronger, and we can get prepared to keep pushing the envelope as we move into space," said William Gerstenmaier of NASA.

The rocket was trying to make a delivery to the International Space Station. Some 1,500 lbs of food and supplies were aboard for the astronauts already in space.  NASA says there are enough supplies to last them a few more months.

This was the third time since January that Space-X failed to complete its mission. Hey, it's only baseball where three strikes make you out. Maybe the next try for Space-X will be the one that delivers the goods.