High school students seek advice on leadership from convicted mobster “Whitey” Bulger

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LAKEVILLE, MA – James “Whitey” Bulger, a cold-blooded killer, drug trafficker, extortionist and mob boss is also a pen-pal to teenaged girls?

Three Lakeville, Massachusetts, high school classmates had a project in which they were to find an example of leadership and legacy.

They chose Bulger.

So, they gave it a shot and wrote to him. And he wrote back from his Florida federal prison cell.

He wrote: “My life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon.”

He continued with “Advice is a cheap commodity. Some seek it from me about crime. I only know one thing for sure: if you want to make crime pay, go to law school.”

James “Whitey” Bulger, a South Boston hood who once forced a strangled girl’s boyfriend to yank out her teeth so she couldn’t be identified is now a pen pal handing out advice on life while doing life in the pen.