Study: sunbathing increases chances of getting pregnant

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GHENT, BELGIUM - A sunny day is a perfect day.  A little bit of sun can tone your skin and make you happy, but little did you know that it can also get you pregnant.

Researchers at University Hospital Ghent in Belgium suggest that women going through in vitro fertilization treatments should spend more time sunbathing, because that increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Why, how and when?  Doctor Frank Vandekerckhove says women should expose their skin to the sun during the month before conception, because that's when the egg is starting to grow.  Also, it seems that sunlight stimulates certain hormones and increases the levels of vitamin D and melatonin.

So, folks, go do your thing and bring more cute babies into the world.  But please, don't take this idea too far: wearing sun block is not an effective method of birth control.  That would be too good to be true.