Video shows resort employees following Tunisian terrorist who killed at least 38 tourists

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SOUSSE, TUNISIA – Things look normal along the beach in Sousse, Tunisia. Waves wash upon the beach as tourists play along the shore.

But it’s a somber scene at the beachfront of the Imperial Marhaba Hotel where a gunman last week killed at least 38 people, about half were British tourists staying there.

Amateur video shows the gunman and the attempt by unarmed hotel workers and others to capture him. At one point, the gunman stops firing. Police don’t know if he were out of bullets or if he refused to shoot Tunisian workers.

The cameraman follows the gunman across the courtyard and through a gate, where gunshots can be heard. And it is on this street that police catch up with the gunman and kill him.

French police arrested three suspects believed to be connected to the gunman.

While they continue their investigation, people continue to leave small memorials for terror’s latest victims.