Cell phones are destroying our brains

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HOUSTON, TX - Who knows their friend's phone number? Without looking at your phone? No one?

That`s the problem, Kaspersky Lab calls it “digital amnesia.” They think it`s actually destroying human brains. And there's definitely not an auto-correct for that. Kaspersky says, 51% of Americans don`t know their friends' numbers without looking it up.

While 70% of kids know their partners number by memory, just 35% of parents have any idea how to contact their kids. But don`t feel too bad, it`s not just our phones dumbing us down.

Researchers, also, say people would rather check the internet before trusting themselves to recall even the simplest of facts. So how do we fix this? Easy! Keep your numbers, and your head out of the “cloud” and your brain will be fine.

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