Naked man steals deputy’s car in New Mexico

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CLOVIS, NM – Bare-naked guys hanging out in the great outdoors may be fine for reality TV, but not so much in New Mexico.

A naked dude is not something you want to see at night alongside a highway.

A body cam shows a Curry County sheriff’s deputy trying to convince 37-year-old Jesus Tarango to get out of the road.

He was sitting naked along the side of the road when a motorist called the cops.

The naked Tarango tried to stop motorists after the deputy arrived, but for some reason, no one wanted to stop.

The deputy tried to get Tarango out of the way. Instead, Tarango leans on the deputy’s car and claimed that someone poisoned him.

He doesn’t say who did it or how, but after that, Tarango made his move, stealing the deputy’s car and riding bareback on the driver’s seat.

And if stealing the car was not enough, Tarango picked up the microphone and started dissing on the deputy, saying the deputy wouldn’t get him any help for the poisoning.

Tarango drove to the nearest hospital where cops arrested him as he ran for the door.

He faces a variety of charges, including concealing an identity.

From the looks of it, that was the only thing he concealed.

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