Simon Says: We need a ‘Glitch-Amageddon’

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When computers crashed at United Airlines, and then on Wall Street, it only affected people who were flying, buying, or selling.

Luckily, it didn't turn into a bigger mess. And hopefully, the IT people at these places got a bit smarter.

When it comes to how reliant we are on computers, we're not quite 2001 Space Odyssey.

But we're close.

What if a major computer crash did happen?

In an instant, we would go from George Jetson to Fred Flintstone.

Think about your unconnected, computer-crashed life.

We could live without electricity and email for a while.

But would you survive not being able to update your friends about things like your food, your feet, your feelings, your face, your wedding, your divorce, your pet, and your prospects for a job?

I could be rough.

You know what's harder? Being poor! Something I think wouldn't happen to some of you if we lived without computers for a while.

Take a look at this, just one of many stories out there that talk about how bad we are at saving money.

Don't you think it's easier to save money... if you are actually spending real money?

No computers means the debit or credit card won't work, butĀ  this will!

I'm not saying keep your money in a mattress, but you've got to believe more people would hold off on the stupid stuff if they used paper instead of plastic.

So I say bring on a computer glitch-amageddon for a while.

It may literally save some of you.

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