Texas man who shot and killed alligator that killed swimmer won’t be charged

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ORANGE, TEXAS - You know the phrase "to be carried by six or tried by 12?" The 11-foot, 400-pound alligator that attacked and killed a man last Friday in Orange, Texas was carried by six men and put in a back of a pick-up truck after it was trapped and shot.

Hunters in Texas know doing such a thing is illegal in the state. However, a hunter who lives in the area of Adams Bayou and claims responsibility, won't be tried by 12 jurors.

Kent Robnett would have been facing charges for fatally shooting the 11-foot gator. Texas Parks and Wildlife has decided to take a different aim by letting Robnett off the hook; safety first.

This all comes after the same gator attacked and killed 28-year-old Tommie Woodward on July 3. Woodward was pulled under water by the gator after he and his girlfriend didn't heed warning signs and took a late night swim behind a marina. Some of Woodward's body parts were found in the gator's stomach after wildlife agents took a look inside.

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