Walmart refuses to sell high school class rings with Confederate flag engraved on them

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DECATUR, AL – In a place where one ring has the power to enslave the world and plunge all creation into darkness, comes an unlikely hero to save us all from the evil that dwells in the stars and bars.


Aaron Browder just graduated from West Morgan High School in Alabama, where he could have purchased his class ring. But it cost more than his folks could afford, so they went to Walmart.

“The sales associated proceeded to then tell us, ‘Sorry, but we cannot sell you this ring because the Rebel mascot is considered controversial and racist,” explained Browder.

Walmart’s problem was not with the school’s mascot, but with the Confederate flag behind the mascot on the rings made by another company.

Walmart has stopped selling anything with the Confederate flag on it, and the company doesn’t do custom orders.

But, thanks to some folks who opened a Go Fund Me account, Browder will get his class ring somewhere else, complete with rebel mascot and confederate flag.

A similar thing happened in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Elaine Glidewell who purchased a class ring at Walmart for her nephew.

“They wouldn’t let me have the ring,” she said. “It had a note on it. It was in a little plastic bag, and says ‘Do not sell’, and it was signed by the store manager.”

The rebel is also his school’s mascot, and the ring also has the Confederate flag in the background.

Glidewell ordered the ring before the big flag flap, but she got her money back, all $320.

Glidewell says Walmart told her they were going to melt down the ring.

That’s probably a good idea.

After all, we wouldn’t want such a powerful ring to wind up in the hands of some evil wizard.

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