Notorious drug lord escapes from prison

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MEXICO CITY - For the second time, one of the world`s most powerful drug lords, Joaquin Guzman, has escaped prison. The diminutive gangster is nicknamed El Chapo, which means shorty in Spanish.

He has one of the longest and most profitable careers in the drug world as leader of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel which has international reach. The heroin epidemic spreading in the northeastern United States is reportedly due to drugs from his empire.

It appears El Chapo escaped from a hole in the shower area of his maximum security cell outside Mexico City  and then traveled through a mile-long tunnel to freedom.  El Chapo`s cartel is known for its tunneling experience. They`re linked to more than 100 drug smuggling tunnels discovered in border cities.

He first escaped from prison in 2001 supposedly by hiding in a prison laundry cart. When captured in Feb. 2014, Mexico's government had promised to never allow this to happen again.

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