Confederate flag comes down in South Carolina, sales go up in Colorado

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LITTLETON, CO - As the Confederate flag comes down in South Carolina, sales go up in Colorado.

The store called 'A House of Flags' in Littleton, a suburb just south of Denver, has sold 85 of Confederate flags in the past month.

Store owner, John Seebeck said "people have thought of getting the Confederate flag, but now they're moved to an urgency to get some; not knowing what the future is going to bring."

A future not looking too bright for the Confederate flag, because of it's dark past, specifically slavery in the south.

This all comes after South Carolina's government voted for the controversial flag to be taken down at the state capitol.

"You shouldn't ban the Confederate flag. You should burn all of them, you shouldn't stop selling them really,"
Confederate flag supporter and founder of You Can Live History, Darrell Osburn said.

The state's decision followed in the shadow of a mass shooting at a church in Charleston where nine blacks were killed. The suspected shooter, Dylann Roof, a white man seen in photos holding the Confederate flag.

Whether you see the Confederate flag as a symbol of heritage or hate, they're flying off store shelves. Apparently, controversy can be a commodity to cash in on.

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