El Chapo posts Twitter threat to Donald Trump

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ALMOLOYA DE JUAREZ, MEXICO – Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, may be short in stature, but he stands head and shoulders above the world’s criminal competition.

This past weekend, shorty busted out of a Mexican prison for the second time this century.

Now, law enforcement and politicians from both sides of the border are united in saying: “Get Shorty.”

Those in the know think the ruthless, murdering, drug lord from Sinaloa used his own construction company to build a mile-long, lighted, and ventilated tunnel from the shower in his cell to a house under construction.

The tunnel is big enough for Guzman to escape standing up.

Mexican authorities are questioning at least 18 prison officials to find out why nobody noticed someone building a tunnel beneath Mexico’s most secure prison over the past year.

Meantime, El Chapo is doing what all bloodthirsty billionaire drug kingpins do after busting out of prison: he’s blowing up the Twitter-verse.

He apparently has been taking names while in the pen. And guess who’s right at the top of his Twitter hit list.

Yeah. Donald Trump.

In this tweet, El Chapo tells El Trumpo to back off, tweeting that if Trump keeps making him mad, then he’s going to make the Donald eat his words, or words to that effect.

Trump also has his own Twitter account, although he isn’t going tweet-a-tweet with El Chapo right now.

He did post that “The joke around town is that i freed El Chapo from the Mexican prison because the timing was so good with my statements on border security.”

Who could have predicted that a presidential candidate and an escaped drug lord would turn out to be latest international reality show?

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