Eric Garner’s widow and city of New York settle for $5.9 million

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UPDATE: NEW YORK, NY – New York City reached a settlement on Monday with the family of Eric Garner, agreeing to pay $5.9 million to resolve the claim over his killing by the police last July on Staten Island when Daniel Pantaleo put Garner in a fatal chokehold, according to a lawyer representing the family.


NEW YORK, NY - Five million dollars is a lot of money for most people, but it is not enough for the heartbroken family of Eric Garner. He's the Staten Island man who died last July while a NYPD cop put him in a chokehold.

His widow, Esaw Garner, turned down the chunk of money last week, which would have been one of the largest wrongful death settlements involving a NYPD cop.

The family's attorney is urging them to accept the money, and then go after the EMTs from Richmond University Medical Center in a separate lawsuit. They were caught on camera failing to give the 43-year-old any medical treatment.

The Garner family plans to sue the city for $75 million.

Meanwhile, the officer who put Garner in that fatal chokehold wants his badge and gun back. Daniel Pantaleo has been on desk duty for the last year, and reportedly received so many death threats, he has his own police detail protecting him.

A Staten Island grand jury declined to indict him last December, and a justice department investigation is ongoing.

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