Family values group fights Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, pushes for referendum

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HOUSTON -- When nature calls, the room you choose to do your business in isn't necessarily black and white. The city's new Equal Right's Ordinance says transgender folks can use the facility they associate with. But others say hold it.

Dave Wilson with Houstonians for Family Values says he has 22,000 signatures to get this issue on the ballot. He wants a referendum in November, and ultimately to get sexual identity defined as whatever you were at birth.

“The biggest problem we have in the city of Houston is the moral, social and ethical decay in our society, and this is just a situation to try to stop the tide of that moral decay,” says Wilson of his actions in court.

At a hearing on the issue, Judge Brent Gamble only ended up ruling that the City didn't have enough notice for Monday's hearing.

The City says Wilson has missed every deadline.

"It doesn't matter how many times he submits petitions, he will always be too late," says Chief Policy Officer Janice Evans.

Wilson represented himself in court because his attorney was on vacation. He says he will work with his lawyer to figure out their next step before the August 24 ballot deadline.

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