Ohio woman uses 911 to complain about her food

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ALLIANCE, OH - Sometimes when you go out to eat, the food just doesn't meet your expectations. It can be a bummer, but it doesn't qualify as an emergency -- except for Tracey McCloud. Her meal at Main Moon Chinese restaurant in Alliance, Ohio apparently wasn't up to par. Faced with unsavory food, McCloud's unsavory response was to call 911 and demand a refund.

"This is why you called 911?" asked the dispatcher.

McCloud answered: "What am I supposed to do? Jump over the thing and beat them up and get my money back?"

Instead of a food fight, this fight over food turned criminal when the police showed up and arrested McCloud.

"It ties up a 911 line," said Sgt. Michael Yarian. "Then we have a dispatcher who might have to answer another line for an actual emergency."

McCloud is charged with misuse of 911, which will likely cost her much more than what she shelled out for the offending meal.

"I don't know if she thought it was that kind of an emergency that she could call 911," Sgt. Yarian said, "but I just think it was a bad decision on her part."

It most certainly was, which is why McCloud is our Dumbass of the Day.

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