Salon helps dads style daughters’ hair with Beer & Braids night

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DENVER, CO - With tools like Pinterest and YouTube available with a few clicks, moms are getting crafty when it comes to hairstyles for their daughters, but a Denver, Colo. salon owner wanted to make sure dads didn't get left out.

Envogue Salon's Beer & Braids night is exactly what it sounds like.

"We actually have one-on-one coaching for the dads," says owner Calli Hueble-Bodilis. "We teach them how to do three different looks for their daughter`s hair."

Dad Tom Reimann says learning this valuable skill is made easier by being surrounded by other dads.

"I probably wouldn`t do it if it was just by myself," says Reimann. "It`s good to have other guys that can screw up and laugh about it."

Down the road in Pueblo, Colo., a single dad is going it alone. Navy veteran Greg Wickherst never thought he'd spend so much time in a salon - until he got full custody of his 3-year-old daughter Izzy. He knew he needed help styling her hair, so the admissions representative at IntelliTec College went to the campus's salon and asked for instruction.

"I just looked online for hairstyles for little girls, then we went from there," says stylist Ashley Rivera.

Knowing he couldn't bring Izzy in every time, Wickherst improvised.

"We just sat with a mannequin," he says. "[Ashley] showed me how to do it, then I'd do it."

Now Wickherst is kind of a social media star, often posting pictures of Izzy's hair, which is something all dads can do.

"Just a matter of learning how to do it, just taking the time to learn how to do it," he says. "And now it's very simple to do these styles."

As for those Denver dads, they learned three styles in just an hour, but got much more than that out of the time.

"Clients love it, moms love it, wives love it, the dads love it," says Hueble-Bodilis. "It`s such a special memory for the daughters."

Moments woven into memories, strengthening the bond between father and daughter.

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