The “UN”-pothole that might just send you flying

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You've all seen the myriad of potholes Houston has to offer. Well, today, we're showing you the opposite - the "UN"pothole.

Scott Bumgardner explained, "I suppose the roadway had heaved with heat sometime back and there were cracks and big chunks of concrete falling out of it all the time. Finally they came along with asphalt and built a nice little hill over it, so you may not break your tire when you got over that, but it will sure make your car jump like you were Smokey and the Bandit or something if you're going too fast."

Today's Pothole of the Day, or road hazard, is located on W. Airport at Beltway 8, on Houston's southwest side. Many drivers were caught by surprise as they drove over this unintentional speed bump, or were forced to slow to a crawl.

"If you're like I and drive a pickup truck and you have something in the bed of it, it's going to get airborne if you're going a little fast."

The Department of Public Works may have gotten a little overzealous in repairing what was there prior to the new rally course.

"Basically their patch work is shoddy and trying to make the best of their time by fixing em' the cheap way which mean, well, golly, they're gong to have to come back again one of these days."

What does Scoot Bumgarnder want?

"Fix them correctly!"

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