Big Trumpet blows hard: Donald Trump won’t back down

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AMES, IOWA - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is fast becoming the Tom Petty of politics. You may recall Mr. Petty's famous song "Won't Back Down."

Trump’s not backing down from his latest gaffe, an attack on Arizona Senator (and former prisoner of war) John McCain.

Trump made this inflammatory swipe at McCain: " I supported him, he lost, he let us down, but he lost so I've never liked him as much after that because I don't like losers. He's not a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured.  I like people who weren't captured."

When asked if he owed McCain an apology, Trump said “No not at all.”

Now there's outrage from both sides of the aisle. Hillary Clinton called the attack on McCain "shameful." And others have been quick to comment.

"We should never ever, ever, ever question the patriotism and heroism of someone like John McCain, said Scott walker, (R) presidential candidate.

Marco Rubio, (R) presidential candidate said, "It’s not just absurd, it’s offensive, it’s ridiculous and I do think it’s a dis qualifier as Commander-in-Chief.

Rick Perry, (R) presidential candidate said, "Donald Trump owes every American veteran, and in particular, John McCain an apology."

As the political pressure mounts, watch the subtle change in coverage of Trump in The Huffington Post where his story moved from the political page to entertainment.

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