Couples lift each other up at Texas Wife Carrying Championship

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RICHMOND, TX - It's always good for couples to have a strong bond - one that lifts both people up and neither is carrying too much of the load.  Well, that idea was turned around Saturday at The Fourth Annual Texas Wife Carrying Championship.

"It can be any male-female combo," event organizer Kevin Edelbrock said. "You don't have to be married. It can be your wife, your fiance, can be your girlfriend, it can be a lady you found on Craigslist that's 108 pounds."

Competitors race a 277-yard track that includes two dry obstacles and a water obstacle.

"What we hear from competitors is that this is one of the most fun dates that they've ever had," Edelbrock said.

The winners received $2,000.  Proceeds from the event at River Pointe Church went to Attack Poverty - an organization trying to end generational poverty in some of the poorest areas around Houston and other places.

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