Violence erupts at Confederate flag rally at South Carolina capitol building

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COLUMBIA, SC - Though the Confederate flag was taken down just over a week ago from South Carolina's capitol building, tension still flies high in the state.

Saturday, Ku Klux Klan members stood at the capitol and waved Confederate flags in protest of the state's decision to remove the flag.

The Klan wasn't alone. Reportedly about 2,000 people gathered at the capitol. Among them, members of the Black Panther Party. Counter-protesters can be seen ripping apart a Confederate flag.

It didn't take long before the protest turned violent. At least five people were arrested and a handful of others were treated for injuries. Before things really got out of control, cops intervened and put an end to the rally an hour early.

Jump over to another Confederate flag rally two states away, and things were much more peaceful. The sound of bagpipes and a drummer boy is probably the most noise that was made in Richmond, Virginia.

When it comes to the Confederate flag, the battle lines are drawn and protestors seem to be carrying the banner.

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