Ashley Madison hacked, millions of cheating spouses face exposure

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TORONTO, CANADA – Christmas may not be the only thing to come early this year, thanks to the cheating website Ashley Madison.

Millions of marriages may be coming to an early climax, as well.

That’s because one or more hackers got into Ashley Madison over the weekend and got off with tons of private and personal information.

And now they’re threatening to expose millions of cheating spouses.

The hackers who call themselves The Impact Team broke into the servers of Ashley Madison’s parent company, avid life media, and made off with server maps, company bank account information, and details about millions of members of Ashley Madison and its sister sites, Cougar Life, which caters to older women prowling for younger men, and Established Men, a site for sugar daddies looking to share their sugar.

The impact team wants avid life media to take down the Ashley Madison and Established Men sites or else it will start leaking secret sexual fantasies, nude photos, names, and addresses.

The hackers did not threaten the cougars or the other avid life media sites: Man Crunch for gays, Swapper Net for swappers, and Big and Beautiful for the big and beautiful.

Apparently, the hackers were hacked off by a feature on Ashley Madison”that was supposed to remove all traces of member usage for $19.

The hackers say that didn’t happen.

Cheaters cheating on cheaters. Now there’s a threesome for you.

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