Chattanooga shooter writings may be consistent with someone contemplating suicide

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CHATTANOOGA, TN – Investigators say Muhammad Abdulazeez, the Chattanooga Shooter, may have been on a downward spiral for more than a year. Investigators say they found some of his writings that apparently include anti-US sentiments.

But a family representative says there’s nothing to indicate he hooked up with a terror group while visiting Jordan.

And now, a friend of Abdulazeez says the shooter told him to stay away from ISIS, calling the terror group “stupid.”

“I felt like it wasn’t kind of in a sense of ‘I’m with their group, so I don’t want you to do like me.’ It was more like ‘Just stay away. This is not where you should be going towards.’”

Investigators say the writings they found are apparently consistent with someone thinking about suicide, which may go along with a statement from his family over the weekend that Abdulazeez suffered from depression and was using drugs for a long time.

He failed a drug test and was fired from the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant outside of Chattanooga in May 2013, a year after he graduated from college with a degree in engineering.

Police arrested Abdulazeez for drunk driving in April.  The arresting officer said he smelled pot on Abdulazeez. The date was 4/20, a day celebrated by pot smokers.

A family representative told reporters the arrest embarrassed Abdulazeez and may have thrown him further into depression.

Abdulazeez killed five service members last week before dying in a shootout with police after he shot up a military recruiting center and then drove to a navy operations support center.

When he died, he not only took with him his life and the lives of five others, but he also took with him a whole lot of answers.