New app takes video of people’s consent to sex to protect users from assault claims

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HOUSTON, TX - About to score? Well, an app soon to be out claims it could help you cover your bases, by documenting that all participants are willing to play ball. No we're not talking sports, we're talking sex, and makers of the We-Consent App say their product will encourage affirmative consent.

It's not very romantic, but here's how We-Consent works. As the app records, a user will first be asked to state their name and then state the name of the person they wish to have sex with. The app then asks the user to find this lucky person, point the camera back at them, and verbally acknowledge a response.

If the partner says "yes" to sex., a seven-year, encrypted recording is saved to the cloud, accessible to "only" law enforcement by judicial order, or to a university during a sexual assault disciplinary hearing. Not even the willing participants can see it after the dirty deed is done. Now, if the partner says "no", the video is destroyed and the participants are asked to start over.

We-Consent isn't available at the Apple Store yet, but can be downloaded right from their website for a $5 dollar yearly fee. And while makers feel their app could help reduce the number of false rape allegations, many critics condemn this kind of sex contract.