New questions in the apparent suicide of Sandra Bland at Waller County Jail

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HEMPSTEAD, TX - More questions have been  raised in the apparent suicide of Sandra Bland. AME Church leaders gathered in front of the Waller County Jail to say that Bland didn`t commit suicide while in custody at the Waller County Jail. They say she was obviously murdered.

Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant of the Empowerment Temple AME Church says, "We are in a state of emergency. Here in Texas we are not afraid of ISIS we are afraid of the police and we need immediate intervention and the department of justice has to come."

Pastor Bryant, also, asks how an incarnated person gets access to any sort of plastic, especially plastic bags.  That's because Waller County authorities say Bland hanged herself with a plastic bag.

Pastor Bryant, also, questions the accusation that Bland ever resisted arrest by DPS on July 10 since there’s new dash cam video showing otherwise.

With all of this happening, there is  also word of a new video shot by Sandra herself that the Bland family has, but has not released.

With so many questions, hopefully answers will soon come.