Sandra Bland’s death ruled a suicide

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HEMSTEAD, TX - In Waller County, the autopsy results are in. According to officials, Sandra Bland killed herself. Captain Brian Cantrell, of the Waller County Sheriff's Department said in a press conference Monday evening, "The Harris County Medical Examiner listed the death as a suicide."

Bland reportedly used plastic bags to hang herself, sparking questions from the community about why she had access to them. Cantrell says, "...the plastic containers that were placed inside trash receptacles inside the jails were for the intended use of trash collection."

The suicide ruling was not the news Bland's supporters were expecting. They showed up in protest at the jail early Monday, where community activist, Derrick Muhammad explained another side. Muhammad says, "When law enforcement handles somebody unjustly they have a choice. They can let you go and there will be two stories told. Or you can come up missing and one story is told. The sad past is that Sandra Bland didn't have the opportunity to tell the story of how she was handled here in Waller County."

Officials also released video of Bland's jail cell at the time of her death (that video can be seen below). The video shows no one coming or going from Bland's jail cell, ruling out foul play allegations.

Bland's supporters continue questioning why Bland ended up in the Waller County Jail to begin with. Cops said she was unruly when they tried to ticket her. However, Pastor Jamal Bryant, of the AME Church, says "...we have new footage that has been released and there is not one shot, one screen where miss Bland ever assaulted a police. So, their alibi is completely out the window."

The Texas Rangers will continue to investigate Bland's death, and dash-cam video of Bland's arrest is expected to be released later this week.

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  • Colette

    Why did Ms Bland’s family not bail her out? She was there three days! Maybe she thought her family did not luv her enough and left her there. When she made her phone call that morning, what was the conversation about that could have then led to her demise?

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