Boston bus driver stops at kid’s lemonade stand, treats passengers

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BOSTON, MA - If you ride public transportation, you probably have a horror story or two. There are angry drivers, crazy passengers, faulty buses, you name it. But here's a diamond in the rough: a happy story involving a bus driver in Boston.

The bus was on its normal route through West Roxbury in Beantown when the driver, John Lohan, spotted a kid’s lemonade stand. He asked the riders if they’d mind stopping and when they didn’t, he treated them all to a 50 cent cup each. Lohan says the timing was pretty perfect; there were only about a half-dozen passengers on board and he was about to wrap up his route.

Let's hope this guy doesn’t get fired like that tollbooth worker in Florida. Vladislav Samsonov, a 30-year employee, got canned after he paid a driver’s $5 toll. The worker says he realized he didn’t charge a semi driver enough earlier in his shift, so he covered the difference. Apparently, that’s a fireable offense for the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority, which has refused to talk about the issue.

Maybe this explains why public employees can - at times - seem a little mean. Apparently, being nice can get you fired. So if a bus driver or tollbooth worker ever does something nice for you, be especially grateful because it just might cost them their job.