Illinois high school gets to keep the ‘Midget’ as its mascot

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FREEBURG, IL – The Mighty Midget gets to stick around for a little while longer, at least in one southern Illinois town.

Freeburg, population 4,354 is home to the Mighty Midgets. That’s right. The Midgets.

The Little People of America started a controversy by delivering 4,400 signatures on a petition asking the school board to toss the midget mascot as the high school’s mascot and to stop folks from selling Midgets merchandise to people who don’t live in Freeburg.

LPA president Gary Arnold says midget is the organization’s “M” word.

About 500 parents, students, and alumni showed up to the last school board meeting to show there was no shortage of support for the midgets.

In the end, the Little People came up short, and Freeburg’s Mighty Midgets will stand tall for now.