President Obama’s proposed dishwater rules may not be enough to get dishes clean

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HOUSTON, TX - How should forks and knives be loaded in a dishwasher? Up or down? Want to make sure the maid does it right? Researchers and appliance manufacturers agree the knives go down to protect the hands, but forks is divided. General Electric says down while Consumer Reports say forks up.

It`s almost too silly to even talk about? And yet President Obama is dipping his hands in the water, and it might not even matter. Under proposed regulations, only 3.1 gallons of water will be allowed to wash each load of dishes. And manufacturers say that`s not nearly enough to get all the food off.

The Department of Energy`s proposal claims 240 billion gallons of water would be saved over a 30-year period reducing consumption by 12%. How’s that going to happen when you have to run the dishwasher several times to get dishes clean?

The new rules aren`t in effect yet and here`s to hoping they stick a fork in the whole idea.