Teenaged woman believed to be the suicide bomber who killed 31 people in Turkey

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SURUC, TURKEY – Authorities in Turkey believe an 18-year-old woman was the suicide bomber that killed 31 and wounded more than 100 at a gathering in Suruc Monday.

It was Turkey’s deadliest terror attack in more than two years, and possibly the first mass killing of civilians in turkey by Islamic State.

The bombing came two weeks after authorities arrested hundreds of suspected Islamic extremists across the country.

The bomb exploded as a group of young Turks and Kurds gathered to plan a visit to the Syrian town of Kobani, ravaged in the war with ISIS.

Suruc is about six miles from the border with Syria.

Turkey’s prime minister went to a hospital to visit with some of the survivors.

Earlier, he urged solidarity among the people of turkey, saying the attack was against everyone, not just one part of the country.

Turkey’s president also condemned the attack and said it shows, once again, the need for a global effort to fight terrorism.