Today is National Junk Food Day!

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HOUSTON, TX - Junk food junkies rejoice! Today is National Junk Food Day! So we put off that diet for another day. When it comes to foods that are high in sugar, salt and calories (and low on nutritional value) what are your guilty pleasures?

From chips, candy, cookies and cakes (and yes, even most fast food), Americans are eating it up! Annual junk food sales in the U.S. are around $160 billion. Now that's a large sum to swallow and here's food for thought: a new study, following about 3500 obese men and women over the course of nine years suggests overweight people have less than one percent chance of ever reaching normal weight.

A scary reminder of what too much of the wrong foods can do to you. So enjoy National Junk Food Day, but remember, only in moderation.