Two men face charges for felony dumping

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HUMBLE, TX - Dennis Townsend and Juan Martinez are down in the dumps after they did some dumping of their own, that got them thrown in jail.

The two men are facing felony dumping charges after someone reportedly saw them emptying sewage from a party bus into a drain outside a self-serve car wash in Humble.

Humble Police were tipped off by a passer-by, who could tell what the two men were doing.

“It was such a large tour bus, and it stood out when they pulled up. It was quite apparent where they parked in there, that they weren't there to wash the vehicle, so it got called in,” said Lieutenant Delbert Dawes.

It may not seem like such a serious offense, but turns out, the maximum sentence for felony dumping is 20 years behind bars. However, police say the punishment can be as simple as a fine with no jail time.