Video of drone firing gun raising concerns

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CLINTON, CT - Video of a drone flying with and firing a handgun is making its way around the internet, and the Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating.

The video appears to have been made by a teen in Connecticut. Local police say nothing about it violates state law, but the feds are looking into it.

"Unfortunately, it's just an aspect of technology all technology is purpose of the hands of the person that's applying it," says Bill Piedra. He is the CEO of a company called Flying Robots, that delivers life-preservers to people at risk of drowning. He worries that this could be a setback for the entire field. "It's shocking, I really hope it doesn't inhibit the continued development of drones from good purposes, I think there are a great many good purposes."

The teen behind the video, Austin Haughwout, has a history of making drone-based headlines. You may have seen another YouTube video that surfaced last year where he claimed to have been attacked by a woman who thought he was using his drone to film her.

Connecticut lawyer and drone advocate Peter Sachs thinks the whole thing is a bad idea, saying,
"There are countless ways that drones can be useful. Using one as a remote control weapon is not one of them."