Did a half-man, half-alien secret agent die mysteriously in Los Angeles?

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles cops have a case that could be straight out of The X-Files, assuming there really are X-Files.

It involves a dead person who may be half-man and half-alien, two missing human women who watched him die, and 6.5 tons of ammunition.

No one has heard from Dawn Vadbunker or her boss Catherine Nebron since the day Jeffrey Lash died in a parking lot in Santa Monica sometime around the first of the month.

The women took the body back to his condo in Los Angeles and left it in a car.

Oh, did we say Catherine Nebron was his fiancé?

On July 17, Nebron’s attorney called the cops who found his decomposing body. Cops also found around $230,000 in cash, 6.5 tons of ammo, and about 1,200 firearms.

The weapons were registered in his name, and some still had the price tags.

He had 14 vehicles, but cops have found only 6. One of them was a Toyota SUV designed to run under water.

Vanbunker’s mother and Nebron’s attorney say the women believe lash was a half-human, half-alien hybrid agent working for secret US government agencies.

Cops say he didn’t work for any agency, but that’s what a secret agency employing a hybrid alien would say.

The women say they didn’t tell cops about his death because he told them the government would take care of everything.

Right now, there’s no evidence of foul play or of any crime committed by lash or by the women.

The cops would like to talk with the women, but they split for Oregon when lash died and haven’t been seen since, which just adds to the mystery without any clues.