Oklahoma woman pulls knife on teens at Taco Bell when Wi-Fi no longer worked

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TAHLEQUAH, OK - When your connection just slows to a halt, it's hard not to fill with an uncontrollable rage. Still, that's no excuse for what a Oklahoma woman is accused of doing.

Police say Amber Henson was hanging out at the Taco Bell in Tahlequah when the Wi-Fi stopped working. Upset, she went to get a drink, but a few teens were in her way. Officers say Henson was so agitated, she started cursing and dumped her drink on the boys. But her unruly behavior didn't stop there; police say Henson waited for the boys to leave, then allegedly pulled a knife on them.

Though she took off, the Tahlequah Police Department posted surveillance photos on its Facebook page, tracking Henson down pretty quickly. They arrested her later that afternoon on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon on a minor.

That's how Amber Henson earned her place as our Dumbass of the Day.