Rumor has it: Kim Kardashian hired a personal trainer for her two-year-old daughter

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HOUSTON, TX – Do you know what’s new in the celebrity world?  Tabloids report that Kim Kardashian hired a personal trainer for her two-year-old daughter, North West.

“A personal trainer for a two-year-old might seem indulgent and of course it’s pricey, but having children at two years old participating in athletic activities is a great thing,” said Carly Markesich, owner of Discover Gymnastics in the Heights.

Maybe it’s good for coordination and balance.  Although with that name, North West clearly doesn’t need to work on her sense of direction.  But we shouldn’t judge: many parents want their kids to start practicing sports at an early age.

“It’s never too early to start,” added Markesich.  “We have a class called Itty Bitties for children six weeks old.”

Where do you draw the line between “I want my kid to be fit and healthy” and “I want an Olympian in the family”?

“Making it to the Olympics… it’s a real long shot,” she laughed.  “They only pick five kids every four years to represent the U.S.   A college scholarship is probably more realistic.”

Tiger moms, stage mothers, helicopter parents, Kim Kardashian… there are plenty of names to call those who want their children to be the best from day one.  But we all know that some skills require a lot of practice.  So, put down that pacifier and do your thing one more time.