Senior center card game deemed illegal

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MUNCIE, IN -- Folks at the Delaware County Senior Center got themselves into a little trouble recently when their Euchre card game caught the attention of the Indiana Gaming Commission. Playing the game costs two dollars a person, and the winner gets a prize that's usually "something small" like toilet paper or a box of Kleenex.

But that's illegal.

Reportedly working on a tip, the Gaming Commission sent a cease and desist order to the center. So now the games still go on, though without the prizes, the seniors say they’re a little less fun!

Thus a local lawmaker is trying to see what she can do.

“Just put in something that would clarify the law that this is not the type of gambling that we're looking at. I mean it's not really gambling when the prizes are peaches,” says State Rep. Sue Errington.

Perhaps with Errington’s help, pretty soon, all bets will be on.