Texas is now drought free

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HOUSTON, TX - It's safe to say, Texas got soaked these last couple of mouths. but just as every cloud has a silver lining, this deluge of rain in the Lone Star State has done some good. It's officially derailed the Texas drought. Saying the state has been going through a "dry spell" these last few years, would be putting it mildly. Since the start of the drought in 2010, it's been downright dusty out there!

But according to a report by the U.S. Drought Monitor, the Lone Star State saw its wettest January through June time period since way back in 1895! So, a state that was once dry is now drenched! And who's to thank for killing the drought? The little weather phenomenon with the funny name, El Nino.

Sadly, El Nino takes a siesta in hot summers and that's why temps now are flirting with the triple digits. But keep those umbrellas handy, cause experts say El Nino will soon be back and might keep us drought free for at least until the end of the year.