Woman jumps in pond to save dog from alligator

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INVERNESS, FL - They say a dog is man's best friend, and apparently a woman's too.  Just how far a woman on a Florida golf course went to save her dog might have some folks up a tree.

Lori Beiswenger risked her life to rescue her dog from an alligator in a pond in Inverness, but she wasn't going down without a fight to save her dog, Hope.

"I jumped in, grabbed the tail and pulled him back and he starting thrashing and rolling her some more," Beiswenger recalled.

Wrestling the gator didn't quite do the trick, but it did aggravate it, causing it to nearly turn on Beiswenger.  So she jumped out of the water and called for help.

Jodie Daniels, a man nearby with a shovel, jumped in and pulled Hope from the water with the gator still clinging to the dog.  "I thought the dog's dead because all I could see was the whites of its eyes," said Daniels.

Thankfully, Hope is alive after three hours of surgery.  Instead of the dog becoming a meal, the tides turned on the gator.  It was put down and was sold for its meat, ready to become a meal for someone else.

For the gator, it's a tale of the one that got away, but for the pup and its owner, they're now having a doggone good time.