Are robots taking over our jobs?

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HOUSTON, TX - Are robots taking over?  Movies are just movies, but one thing is for sure,  instead of worrying about the rise of killing Terminators, we should worry about robots killing our jobs.

"I do think technology is taking over," said Houston resident Brendan Alford. "Technology is changing the world."

Smart phones, smart homes, smart cars, artificial intelligence… It looks like technology is opening a world of possibilities for the imagination, but it's also sending traditional professions such as travel agents, retail sales representatives (and now perhaps truck drivers) to the museum.

"Yes, some jobs are gonna be replaced by technology," estimated Charles MacNaughton.

"Thankfully, my job at least for the next month is safe from any robots," laughed Nicholas Cooke.

But don't fool yourself because the revolution is affecting us all.  Over the past few years, millions of workers have gone through retraining or have completely switched professions to avoid unemployment or stagnation.  So, if robots are gonna be doing all the work,  what's left for humans?  A permanent beach vacation, maybe?  Yeah, right.  Dreaming is free.

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