ATM worker’s expensive mistake caught on camera

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MAHWAH, NJ - We've all had an 'off' day at the office, but we highly doubt your goof up at work cost the company over $140,000. A New Jersey ATM worker was on his way to reload some cash machines, when he accidentally left his bag of $141,000 sitting on the curb, instead of putting it in his trunk.

"At some point the person who was supposed to have the bag realized that it wasn't in the car, and called back to the office to see it was still curbside where he had left it," said Officer William Hunt.

What are the chances the curbside cash would still be there when he got back? None! Surveillance video shows a white work van pull up. A passenger jumps out and snatches the bag. Just minutes before their big payday, the van was picking up discarded tires from another nearby business.

"It was really just a stroke of luck or misfortune for them that this van happened to be driving by shortly after the money was left at the curb," said Officer Hunt.

Police say once the absentminded ATM worker realized what had happened, they needed to call an ambulance for him. Now, all they can do is hope the people who took the bag will do the right thing, and return it.

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