Remedies for acid reflux

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So, Bunkie, you say you like some hot and spicy Thai food when those late night munchies strike?

Or maybe a big ol’ sausage pizza covered with onions and jalapenos.

Oh, yeah, nuthin’ better,

Until Mr. Tummy decides to add a little heartburn, gas, that burning sensation we like to call acid reflux.

That’s when the acid in your stomach gets into your esophagus.

It can cause intermittent coughs, a sore throat, hoarseness, or a burning feeling in the chest that can keep you up at night.

Getting relief from acid reflux may not be easy for some of us because it requires changing our eating habits.

“We know reflux is triggered from having food and a distended stomach, and so if you overeat at night, you have a risk of reflux occurring,” said Thomas Sferera, a doctor with University Hospitals.

One way to eliminate acid reflux is to stop eating that spicy food at night. Another way is to change your diet. Doctors recommend eliminating fatty meals, carbonated beverages; drinks high in caffeine, like coffee; and chocolate. Sorry, ladies.

They, also, say to stay away from nicotine, and to limit how much booze and beer you drink. And one more thing: keeping a diary.

”Keeping a diary when they happen during the day, how many days during a week does it happen, and is it associated with a particular food or a particular beverage,” said Sferera.

Getting rid of acid reflux may be a pain, but it’s better than the pain of acid reflux. Just some food for thought.

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